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Pavone by Pavone

Boreal Blue Lion Leo Brooch and Earrings (set)

Boreal Blue Lion Leo Brooch and Earrings (set)

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This little king of the jungle doesn't look very fierce.
It comes in a wide range of color combinations, often quite different from the real thing.
As a result, it can be adapted to summer or winter outfits. It's a medium-sized brooch, and is accompanied in style by a handsome tiger named Tigredou, who looks no more dangerous than he does.This set includes a Boreal Blue Leo lion brooch and a pair of earrings which can be mounted on clips or pierced ears according to your choice.
The earrings represent the head of the lion.
The material is pearly and has very subtile different blues.
The lion's mane is cobalt blue

Brooch : 

  • height 6cm
  • lenght 6,5cm
  • Clips or percied ears
  • galalith and antik plastic
  • Earrings : 
  • hight 6cm
  • lenght : 4,5cm


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